Danielsson Fly Reels oppdaterer


Danielsson Fly Reels

Skal man kjøpe en snelle av riktigt bra kvalitet skal man se litt på svenskmerket Danielsson Fly Reels. For dere som ikke vet det så var det fabrikken bak Danielsson Inovation som produserte den første linjen av Loop Fly Reels. Etter en process som endte i rettssalen så tapte Danielsson et patent mot Loop. Det er også Danielsson Innovation som står bak revolusjonen og utviklingen av storspolen som i dag i stort sett alle merker bruker på de nye fluesnellene.

Danielsson Innovation har oppdatert sine serier LW, FW og Control. For øyet så er det mest fargene som er nye. De har gått mot en graphittgrå matt yte på LW-serien, den minste serien FW er fortsatt svart.

Jag er selv bruker av Danielssons LW-serie og er sinnsykt fornøyd. Det er spesiellt bremsesystemet som er bra med snellene. En selvfølge for en snelle i denne klassen er at den tåler en omgang stryk og at den er lett. En solid snelle som er en livsinvestering.

Les mer og åpne lommeboka og investere i fiskelivet!


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34 kommentar to “Danielsson Fly Reels oppdaterer”

  1. Mike Says:

    Have to of these reels.L5w4.Use on my Loop Opti power#7, one reel with floating line, other with sriped bass sink 1.Doesnt get any better,maybe my Nautilus ccf with coastal fast sink for seabass.Otherwise over the moon as one says.

  2. Fredrik Leth Says:

    Totaly agree. State of the art!

  3. Mike Says:

    Looking forward to Wednesday.Two days free from work, come rain snow and any other s–t weather that comes am i going to sling out some flies and get the first one of the year.Shame you had a bit of a storm yesterday, its a bit like the lotto if your not in you dont win.Bought some good zonkers and a few other flies from Sweden so be s ahame not to try them out.Have a good one Fredrik.Mike

  4. Fredrik Leth Says:

    Where are you situated Mike?

    Yes, it became windy yesterday. A friend of mine, the guy with the beaver on his head, had a trip that started with no wind. As soon as he rigged his rod the storm came.

  5. Mike Says:

    Oslo Fredrik.Where i come from a beaver has a whole new meaning,i will let you work that one out,he he do you have to subscribe to fiske snakk.Just got in from work,my missus tells me its a nice day wednesday doesnt get better than that up early out to some hot spots and hope they take the flys.I speak Norweigen i just cant write it.Mike

  6. Mike Says:

    Fredrik sleng på 45 27 49 44 fint for meg.Mike

  7. Fredrik Leth Says:

    I think we have the same beaver in mind to be honest.

    For sure. Are you on any of the forums such as fluefiskesiden.no?

  8. Mike Says:

    No, but i go in and check reports from Tony and Pistus and crew,Picked up some good tips on the way from a lot of you guys that use it.I think Tony is the kabbe of sø, has he got his Nautilus yet?

  9. Fredrik Leth Says:

    There is a lot to learn from those two. I don´t know if he received it.

  10. Mike Says:

    do you know anything about sage 890-3 #8.Good bad indiferent????

  11. Fredrik Leth Says:

    Which model? Must have a model name as Z-Axis or something like that. But generally #8? It depends on what you are going to fish, and under what conditions. I use #8 at the moment but am going down to #7. I will still use the #8, but during heavy wind when the seven is to weak. I think Tony is mainly fishing 7 and 6 but he has rods up to 9 for fishing in the fjord. Depending on if he is going for sea trout or bass.

  12. Mike Says:

    Hi Fredrik.Series is the z-axis sage cut out this model in 2001.Did some home work on it last night.Mixed blessings, some say its weak for a#8 in windy conditions but that applys to most rods.So spoke to Runar Kabbe to day he rates this rod.Thinking more for sea bass i have two good #7 for sø.

  13. Fredrik Leth Says:

    Runar should know what he is talking about. I use the Z-Axis in #5 and I just love it. I know that Tony praise the Xi2 and Xi3, but I would think that the Z-Axis would do it.

  14. Mike Says:

    Sounds good to me Frederik.See what happens later to day.Have a good one Mike.

  15. Mike Says:

    Fredrik, is it you that wants to swap camera for Danielsson??. Got to brand new ones never used can only use one at a time.Was it sigma??Mike

  16. Fredrik Leth Says:

    Yes, thats me. What model do you have?

    I have one guy who is interested and said yes to buying it, to a very good price, and today another one responded on foto.no. So I have to wait and see if the dude from ffs pays. Probably.

    It`s a Sigma for Nikon.

  17. Mike Says:

    L5w47, sorry Fredrik thought you were selling a camera,my mistake lets hope the dude that come up with a good price comes good.Take it your out after a new Danielsson reel.Good luck with the sale.I have a brand new zpey switch Z1#8 never used, if you hear of anybody who has a Hardy zane salt #7 and wants to do a straight swap let me know.Mike.

  18. Fredrik Leth Says:

    You should put it up for «Bytte» on ffs.no. Some Zpey-nerds in there.

  19. Mike Says:

    Cant get into ffs tryed sent loads of emails to Rune Stokkebekk,never get an answer.Might have something to do with my comments about a nurd spear fishing HA this year.Rune Kabbe expressed his felings but didnt get shut out.But never received any warnings and i wasnt rude just said what i ment.(sh– happens as they say.

  20. Fredrik Leth Says:

    Shit, better watch my mouth then. Sounds like a lame reason.

  21. Mike Says:

    Cant think of any other reason,beats the shit out of me.Good luck with the sale.Does Rune Stokkebekk have the same email add try again if you have one.Not ffs any other if you have one thats open for ereryone to use.

  22. Fredrik Leth Says:

    I can check it for you.

  23. Mike Says:

    Thanks Fredrik.

  24. Fredrik Leth Says:

    Here you go man. His daytime job is at Guideline. http://www.guideline.no/no/KONTAKT/, click on his pic and there you got his job mail adress.

  25. Mike Says:

    Nice thanks for your help.Mike

  26. Fredrik Leth Says:

    Take it easy.

  27. Mike Says:

    Will do Fredrik.

  28. Mike Says:

    Not easy getting people to part with a danielsson reel.Stå på Fredrik er you out tomorrow??.Typical good weather and work becons aarrr.

  29. Fredrik Leth Says:

    To part with a Danielsson? Do you want to sell it? Or do you mean for people to separate from one and sell it to me?

    Not tomorrow. Alot of others will. Tony and the other guys are going to Jeløya.

    Have you got in contact with Rune?

  30. Mike Says:

    I have two Fredrik.Both brand new selling one with backing and striped bass synk 1. Only need one i have a dream reel Nautilus,or if you have a Loop opti in good nick that will pass my Loop opti rod #7 do you a swap.Check out Lars first he,s offering one your after up to you dude.Mike.Forgot to say on the forum find me under yngel.

  31. Mike Says:

    Hi Fredrik. What combo pack are you thinking of?. Hope you wernt offended by the offer to loan a reel. Not cheap this getting married game wait til you have kids, stock up on your rods and reels now mate,cause when you pay barnehage and sfo thats when the grey hair turns up, and you can only dream about the next reel.Have a good one. Mike

  32. Fredrik Leth Says:

    Not offended at all. Looking at a Loop Opti Coast #7, for my 4seven and then get a 6nine for my Vision Extreme Plus #8.

  33. Mike Says:

    Fredrik can you send me a mail, you vanished of my pc.Mike.

  34. dannon yogurt Says:

    I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!
    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the road.

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