Årets første tur


Et perlebånd langs sjøkanten

Årets første tur ble en snøig historie og dokumenteres bare med et par bilder.

De tre små grisene

Knut arbeider hardt med pelsmøsse og solbriller.



6 kommentar to “Årets første tur”

  1. Mike Says:

    You guys have got balls to say the least.Hard core fly fishers.Good luck next trip .

  2. Mike Says:

    Sory forgot to ask is that Tony with his Sage #6, loop reel?? or Danlelsson???

  3. Fredrik Leth Says:

    Hey Mike.

    Today was alright. Tons of snow and some wind, but not too bad. You should try the sealskinz gloves, they actually protect really good against getting wet and the wind. It`s still cold but not as bad as without or some other option. We used the Ultra Grip.
    Read more: http://www.sealskinz.com/gloves/ultra-grip-gloves

    No, its not Tony. But it`s the Sage Xi2 #7, but with the Vision XLA Antireverse reel.

    Tony is too tough to wear a dead beaver on his head. During the winter he shaves his head and use whale oil for protection. He learned it from the brave great Atlantic swimmers.

  4. Tony Pedersen Says:

    He he 🙂 Nice beaver!
    The reel on my Xi2 #6 is the Nautilus FWX, and on my #7 is Nautilus NV 8\9(G-7)
    The #7 is my sea-bass rod, and fast line retrive is importent!

    I`m shaving a lot of hair, but not on my head 😛

  5. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the tip on the gloves.checked them out today.Look forward to reading more on your blogg.Keep rubbing in the oil Tony.Mike

  6. Sealskinz Ultra Grip « Fiskesnakk’s Blog Says:

    […] Fiskesnakk’s Blog Snakk om fluefiske « Årets første tur […]

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